BS26 - BetterSound High Fidelity Ear Plugs

BetterSound reusable ear plugs reduce high volume sounds but maintain the original sound quality.

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COMFORTABLE & PRACTICAL: Our acoustic ear plugs are made of the most comfortable ergonomic, soft hypoallergenic silicone. You will hardly feel them. 

Our short stem discreet protective ear plugs are hidden in your ears and almost invisible. 

The flat round box is the best carrying solution for crowded places, it is inconspicuous and easy to use. At work, in a noisy travel situations, live concerts or a sporting events, slip your safety ear plugs easily out of your pocket and into your ears.

BETTER PACKAGED: BetterSound portable kit contains: 1 complete set of attenuating filter & reusable super soft silicone tip hifi ear plugs (NRR 23 db /universal fit); free extra pair of tips for replacement; and a quality cord. All of this can fit inside our small comfy, low profile, carrying case that will help you protect your ears anywhere you go.

PROTECT YOUR HEARING: Whether you are a drummer, nightclub dj, at work or simply lawn mowing, loud noise makes part of your daily life. Use our 3 flange safety noise reduction ear plugs in noisy places and avoid the impact that high decibel sounds have on your ears and your hearing for years to come. it's up to each of us to protect our own hearing. BetterSound is the best protective hearing device solution for top defence against ear damage.

LIVE CONCERTS, FESTIVALS & PARTY LOVERS:  discreet, comfortable to wear for hours,don't mute sound, instead, "take the edge off" from loud feedback, don't bring the sound quality down. You will be able to hear conversation better.

MUSICIANS: No muffled sounds. Let you hear all instruments and vocals, the highs, the lows of bass and the kick drum. Allow for a more natural frequency response to get through. Excellent choice for drumming ear plugs.

MOTORCYCLE HELMET: reduces exhaust noise, block noise associated with the wind and enables traffic and bluetooth sound in a very good quality. Extremely comfortable and discreet. 

TINNITUS: Lets you hear conversation with the person next to you, You will be able to hear all of the activity at a normal level and not have ringing ears at night.