High Fidelity Earplugs

Put Your Ears In Our Hands

Discreet protection


Avoid the impact that high decibel sounds have on your ears and your hearing.

 Same sound quality

Reduce high volume sounds but maintain the original sound quality


Short stem hidden in your ears and almost invisible

 One size fits all

3 flang universal fit and therefore greatest effect

 Flat round box

The flat round box is the best carrying solution for crowded places, it is inconspicuous and easy to use.

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Multi-use ear plugs

live concerts

Discreet, comfortable to wear for hours, don't mute sound, instead, "take the edge off" from loud feedback, don't bring the sound quality down.


No muffled sounds. Let you hear all instruments and vocals, the highs, the lows of bass and the kick drum. Allow for a more natural frequency response.


Reduces exhaust noise, block noise associated with the wind and enables traffic and bluetooth sound in a very good quality. Comfortable and discreet.


Lets you hear conversation with the person next to you, You will be able to hear all of the activity at a normal level and not have ringing ears at night.

Your Ears Are Our Business

Use our high fidelity ear plugs and keep your hearing safe

Reduce it. Don´t lose is !

BetterSound reusable ear plugs reduce high volume sounds without losing the original sound quality.
Created specifically for musicians, and widely adopted by live music fans, party-goers, motorcyclists, sports vents fans or anyone whose aim is to stay safe for long period of time in a loud environment while being able to hear detail or have conversations.

Reduce it. Don´t lose is !


Daley 38:

From our Amazon product page : I am not a musician, but I recently found out that I have been getting auditory migraines and one of the triggers is noise. I have tried out about a dozen different brands of earplugs and these were some of the more comfortable for my ears. I also like the cord feature because it makes me less likely to lose one.



From our Amazon product page: I absolutely loved the small sized box. It is very small and you can hardly feel it in your pocket. It is also very easy to open and close in crowded places. The ear plugs themself are very comfortable and sits perfectly inside the ear. They are very discreet, for me they are at the exact size, so it is not obvious I’m using ear plugs.